Sydney Australia

Grange Capital Management is an
Australian based boutique
investment management firm.

About Grange Capital Management

Multi-decades of experience across a range of markets

Grange Capital Management (GCM) is an Australian based boutique investment management firm.
Our team has multi-decades of experience across a range of markets, both local and international, at the retail and institutional trading level.
At the hub of our trading expertise are the Equity and Equity Derivatives markets, which enable us to deliver absolute returns to our investors, while managing risk continuously.


Our Investment Philosophy

“The Stock market is a mechanism designed to shift wealth from the impatient to the patient” according to Warren Buffet.

This forms the basis for our core strategies, which are specifically designed to target the “Impatient” money in the market and find it a new home with our investors!

Through the use of equity derivatives and in particular, Exchange Traded Options, we seek to add value and profit from a wide range of market conditions, enabling our clients to enjoy the most of the opportunity the markets represent, regardless of their direction.

At our core, is risk management. As such, our strategies are carefully designed to contain risk to acceptable levels, while providing solid upside opportunity.


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GRANGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT PTY LTD is an authorised representative of Australian Mutual Holdings Limited (AR 001243081) – ABN 90 155 182 137 (AFSL 295393).

No consideration has been given or will be given to the individual investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. The decision to invest or trade and the method selected is a personal decision and involves an inherent level of risk, and you must undertake your own investigations and obtain your own advice regarding the suitability of this product for your circumstances. Please be aware that all trading activity is subject to both profit & loss and may not be suitable for you.